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Peppy Pug Coffee

Organic Bali Moon Coffee | Dark Roast

Organic Bali Moon Coffee | Dark Roast

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Discover the exotic taste of Peppy Pug's Organic Bali Coffee, a premium, single-origin coffee grown in the lush highlands of Indonesia. This smooth and well-balanced coffee will take your taste buds on a journey to the tropical island of Bali, where each sip is like a warm embrace from nature.

Bali Moon has a medium roast profile and is perfect for those who appreciate a well-balanced coffee with a smooth finish. These delicious beans from Indonesia actually have a blue tint before being roasted. Originating from the volcanic region of the Kintamani highlands in Bali, Indonesia, at an altitude of 1200-1600M, these beans are hand-picked, wet hulled and dried on raised beds. 

  • Roast Level: Dark
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Molasses
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